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"We’re Committed to You Looking Amazing"

Established in 2018, Nail Bay Hermosa has been taking the South Bay Area by storm as a nail salon that perform excellent service within a beautiful venue. 

Our attention to detail and customer service is what sets us apart from other nail salon in the area. Give us a call to book your next appointment. 

Quality Services for Dashing Results!!


At Nail Bay, CLEANLINESS is of the utmost importance to us. Every time that we provide a service  for you.

We open and use new sterile pouch with clean supplies . After each use ,all of our tools an instrument are autoclave ,which is a process where a medical-grade machine applies extraordinary heat to kill 100% of all micro-organisms and organic matter in order to sterilized our equipment .

Every file and buffer are new and use only on you and at the end of your visit you may take them with you  to be re-use at home .

All our treatment products are always fresh ,all natural , hand -made and free of harmful preservatives .

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